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Warning: this game is hard, you will die a lot.

Insta-death first person shooter. Take one hit and you're down.  Go through a lot of different levels. With different enemies. Try finishing all levels 100% and unlocking all the achievements. Use a variety of weapons with unique weaknesses and strenghts. 

Disclaimer: This game is in development. Please leave feedback. Description doesn't describe current version. View trello for more info.

Planned versions:

v3: finishing 3/4 of the stuff planned

v4: finishing all stuff planned

v5: final version


WASD: Movement


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RAMPAGE_v2.2_Linux.zip 19 MB
RAMPAGE_v2.2_MacOSx.zip 18 MB
RAMPAGE_v2.2_Win.zip 23 MB

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I love the look of this game, what engine do you use

I use Unity

may i ask you how do your create the art, it's like doom and i want to create fps art this this but i dont know how, so if you dont mind could you please explain how you did it?

Hello! Sorry for the late reply. I'm working on something cool ;). I make the art using Piskelapp. It's this online pixel drawing website. Look at Wolfenstein or Doom for inspiration.

ok thanks

im also working on something cool but i needed to ask you how to draw that type of art because thats the art style.

I Really Enjoyed This Game. The Pixel Art Theme Made It Really Fun And Enjoyable. I Made A Video On It.



i have a suggestion and it is to add something like checkpoints but hey even if they dont get added the game is still fun

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks. I will add something that makes it less annoying starting over. I added it to the games Trello :D

thank you


One thing. Do you mean checkpoints for levels? Or checkpoints in the level?

I mean most levels aren't super big.

(1 edit)

i mean maybe a checkpoint every 3-5 levels

edit: if its like every level then it will take away the difficulty 


That's a great idea. I need to add more levels then :)


Checkpoints are underway

Nice game with a dick that shoots, like it thats why I play it bro